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Located in Bowmanville, Strike Insurance makes insurance and financial services easy to understand and obtain by providing an assessment of your needs and budget.

With access to a variety of Insurance Companies and products I offer a true one-stop shopping experience with professional service including excellent response time for sales, service and claims.
Product Line-up –

Term Life Insurance:
Eliminate your debt on death and provide your family with income. Premiums have dropped considerably, so I can improve on the pricing of your current policy. Call for a quote.

Disability Insurance:
Accident and sickness coverage to protect your income if you cannot work.

Critical Illness Insurance:
Protect your standard of living if you have cancer, stroke or many other illnesses by providing a lump sum payment on diagnosis.

Mortgage Insurance:
To eliminate your mortgage on death. Often bank plans are expensive and have unfavorable terms. Compare and you will be surprised.

Universal Life Insurance:
Flexibility of coverage, with tax advantages, and life long protection without term rate increases. Consider this product for the long term.

Travel Insurance:
Traveling? Even for a short period of time, you should always have travel insurance. Apply online to purchase travel insurance for out of province or out of country travel.

Health & Dental Plans
No matter your circumstances you need health and dental and I offer a wide variety tailored to you find out more

Other Products that I can assist with:

    Long Term Care Plans
    Employee Benefits Investments

Contact me for more information.

“It’s a personal relationship, not a customer service hotline”.